Water pollution dhaka city essay

Water Pollution in Bangladesh

Dhaka has already turned into a slum of concrete. The rivers which are closed to the Dhaka city such as Buriganga, Turag, Balu etc. Our government should take proper steps to control the waste of the water Popular Essays.

Environment Pollution in Dhaka City

Particulate emission is mainly responsible for Water pollution dhaka city essay death rateand respiratory problems for the urban population. Affected sea hero after an oil spill; Fig.: In no modern cities these days the automobiles blow horns in the heart of the city.

Air pollution in the Dhaka city Caused By Lead: Blackening of the city air and reduced visibility can be observed in some areas at times even with unaided eyes. There are about tanneries in Hazaribagh which daily generate about 18, liters liquid and about metric tones solid waste almost all of which get released into the river Turag through Bashila and Katasur khals.

This industrial area possesses about 29 heavy industries. You may leave the Warden Baker website when you access certain links on this website. The worst affected areas in Dhaka city include: It is time to phase out old and black smoke emitting vehicles from city roads as our right to live in healthy environment largely depends on it.

In Bangladesh, coral communities are found only around St. Let us hopethat the issue gets the priority it deserves. Some steps to minimize pollution in last few years: They are currently struggling with human pressure and high level of sedimentation, and in near future they are expected to face sea-level rise and increased temperature.

Fishermen and other people who earn from the river centered activities are being confused and frustrated about their source of income as river water has gone under threat. As the density of oil is less than water, it floats on the top, forming a thick impermissible membrane which prevents marine organisms to come contact ofsunlight and oxygen, and eventually kills them.

Thus, measures should be taken to prevent water pollution in Dhaka city. Map Of The Dhaka City. Any research found on these pages has been procured and may have been acted on by Warden Baker for its own purposes. Pollution in Dhaka city is causing disruption in the life-support systems for humans and species, it is damaging the wildlife and human health.

Eutrophication, a process of absorbing excessive nutrients especially N and P beyond their buffering capacity of water bodies leads to the loss of species diversity through increased species mortality, changes in species collection and loss of aquatic flora and fauna diversity.

So we must follow different rules and regulations to solve these problems. A typical baby taxi is driven kms per day. Groundwater pollution can also lead to diseases caused by arsenic.

The economic necessity of ship-breaking, considering the rising demand of steel, cannot be overemphasized.POLLUTION OF THE RIVER WATER: The rivers of Bangladesh are the worse victim of pollution, especially the rivers which stands in the neighborhood of the Dhaka city is being polluted tremendously.

Causes: 1. Rapid and unplanned urbanization and industrialization, brickfield development, Dying factories, tanneries, Grabbing up the river. 2. Free Essays on Water Pollution In Dhaka City.

Search. Noise Pollution in Dhanmondi. Noise Pollution What would anyone say about noise pollution of Dhanmondi? Water Pollution - Essay 9.

Air Pollution In Dhaka City

Water pollution is a global problem; the different types of pollutants vary from one area to another. Dhaka city is very historical city a once it was a!reat city to live in. &ut now due to over population and pollution" it has lost all it its previous!lories.

(o" once people starts leavin! Water Pollution In The Rivers Of Dhaka – Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional academic writers.

If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please. POLLUTION OF THE RIVER WATER: The rivers of Bangladesh are the worse victim of pollution, especially the rivers which stands in the neighborhood of the Dhaka city is being polluted tremendously.

Water crisis problem is a great problem in Dhaka city. The problem cannot solve in a stop the misuse of water. After using the water we should stop the taps, fountains etc.

after filling the tangs we should stop the stitch of connecting lines.

Water pollution dhaka city essay
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