Importance of satellites in maritime domain

For example, NorthStar is in the planning stages of developing a satellite constellation hosting both hyperspectral and infrared sensors. They bring a data set that complements other information sources and helps Importance of satellites in maritime domain a much more comprehensive understanding of vessels and other objects of interest.

As a long term measure indigenous satellite be launched at the earliest which would have following advantages: Though the present capabilities with 5.

Though the present capabilities with 5. Big Data Analytics Big Data is often characterised as large in volume, is collected and distributed at high velocity, and usually comes in a variety of formats known as the 3Vs.

ASAT weapons using Lasers or Kinetic devices could eliminate a satellite without producing much debris, but they have yet to be fielded. Destruction of the satellite is a costly option. Surveillance satellites reduce the occurrence of military false alarms, and they provide the factor of time that eliminates hair-trigger control of weapons of mass destruction.

It has a range of launch vehicles able to place surveillance satellites into relatively low orbit and communications satellites into geostationary orbit. The technology improvements for smaller subsystems and capabilities are allowing small satellites to become the new workhorse throughout the space industry.

From the preceding discussion it can be appreciated that satellite reconnaissance and surveillance is unique in the sense that it cannot be completely defeated, fooled, or sabotaged. This would deny the much needed real time information that would otherwise be available about the movement of naval assets.

Satellites serve as a tool for acquiring vital information in diverse fields of interest like communications, weather forecasting, television broadcasting, navigation, reconnaissance and for searching new resources on earth. Since its first satellite was orbited by the USSR in and its first domestic space launch was conducted inIndia has become a true space country.

This technique involves exploitation of the satellite orbital characteristics.

Importance of Satellites in Maritime Domain

The possible options narrow down to the passive measures and certain other activities which may not require much sophistication. Identify potential threats close or far from shore. The Indian satellite programme spans over a wide range of activities from communication to remote sensing satellites, it is the remote sensing satellite capability equipped with high resolution space based imagery that will be deliberated upon during this seminars.

The activities related to satellites, launch vehicles and applications are carried out at numerous centres throughout the country. Given modern budget constraints, leveraging lower-cost small satellite constellations will allow organizations to provide enough funding and thereby improve revisit times and mitigate the effects of random failures or gaps in coverage.

From tothe Indian satellites were placed in the orbit by using soviet boosters, however, from eighties onwards, Indians concentrated on the development of launcher and propulsion units. If a country cannot dominate space, its naval-based systems will have little relevance in defending its territorial integrity and freedom.

The Importance (And Perils) Of Maritime Industry Satellite Services

The fact needs to be realized and profoundly addressed. In addition, onboard computers with enhanced capabilities to support satellite processing are being developed by a number of companies.

It is for cartographic purposes provided with 2 panchromatic cameras with 2. This includes phased array antenna, improved satellite positioning system and two-mirror-on-axis camera optics.

Space-Based Systems Enhance Maritime Domain Awareness Say SWF Panelists

The white information window for this dark vessel shows its radar image, observed length and observed heading. Over the last three decades, India has achieved an enviable progress in the space systems. To date, the use of open data sources has not been looked at in a systematic way.

But perhaps no effective method exists to conceal strategic installation like harbors, permanent air bases, steel factories, oil refineries and other large industrial complexes. By yearIndia plans to develop a space weapons for intercepting hostile satellites.

Leveraging Technology Trends for Maritime Domain Awareness

Maritime security has become a hot issue of the world for the past two decades. Due to emerging and diversified nature of maritime warfare, maritime operations conducted on, under, or over the sea are becoming technologically and operationally challenging day after day.

The information provided by navigation and meteorological satellites can be used by the military commanders for planning manoeuvres. The INSAT-1 system is a multi-purpose satellite, including telecommunication and television broadcasts. The experiments have begun in the space domain due to the fact that space is by far the most efficient area to apply new technologies that need to be shared worldwide through operation centers.

Of the possible measures that could be used in the future, passive measures are immediately available and are not inherently provocative.

Revisit time may be defined as the elapsed time after which a satellite would pass over a particular point. But perhaps no effective method exists to conceal strategic installation like harbors, permanent air bases, steel factories, oil refineries and other large industrial complexes.

MCF, Bhopal, is configured with 11 m diameter full motion antenna and three 7. These metal rings dissipate the EM waves spread over almost whole of the EM spectrum, hence enabling it to remain undetected. MDA BlueHawk provides open-ocean and coastal coverage by exploiting and fusing data from multisensor, space-based satellite synthetic aperture radar SARsatellite and terrestrial AIS, vessel registry data and other contextual data.

They can detect large-scale troop movements, and thus act as a trip wire to alert neighboring governments to impeding attack.Knowledge is the result of _____, and fusing data that has been processed and evaluated as to its reliability, relevance, and importance.

analyzing, correlating During the action phase, the commander monitors/observes the execution of.

Importance of Satellites in Maritime Domain

SYNOPSIS FOR PAPER 3 ON MARITIME DOMAIN AWARENESS AS A VEHICLE FOR EFFECTIVE NIGERIAN NAVY OPERATIONS GUEST LECTURER: Rear Admiral FD Akpan (Rtd) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. This paper discussed the concept of Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) in the strategic dimension involving the security and safety.

Whether it be monitoring shipping on behalf of global markets, timely awareness of emergencies at sea, determining environmental hazards, tracking illegal activities, or gathering intelligence regarding potential threats to national security, access to timely and accurate understanding of what is happening in our maritime environments – known as.

To aintain maritime situational awareness in maritime warfare, satellite technology is being used effectively by various countries of the world including India for civilian and military purposes. IMPORTANCE OF SATELLITES Space is a domain, like air, land and sea and it has become a critical part in every other battlefield.

Importance of Satellites in Maritime Domain Essay INTRODUCTION 1. The launch of Sputnik satellite by USSR on 4th Octoberwas the start of space age. The Challenge of Maritime Domain Awareness for New Zealand Brian Young Defence Technology Agency would often utilize spare capacity of satellites • For ease of use and application outside of the military sphere, it is important • Exploitation of commercial satellite imagery could make an important.

Importance of satellites in maritime domain
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