A discussion on the geography of new zealand

The high standard of living that exists in New Zealand is similar to that of Australia in that the population is not very large, so that the national wealth can be distributed via the private sector economy to accommodate a relatively good lifestyle and provide for a comfortable standard of living.

The Pacific Islands region is generally divided into three subregions: Understand how the North Island is different from the South Island. The alluvial Canterbury Plains contrast sharply with the precipitous slopes and narrow coastal strip of the Westland region on the west coast of the South Island.

No-one immediately outside Reddit! On its eastern boundary this wilderness borders a high central plateau called Central Otago, which has an almost continental climate.

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Zealandia is an ex-continent. Humidity ranges from 70 to 80 percent on the coast and is generally 10 percent lower inland. Feel free to contact me via my talk page. New Zealand and Australia come from Gondwana; their origin explains why their fauna and flora are so unique.

The kiwianother flightless species, is extant, though only in secluded bush areas. In the early 21st century, Asians were the fastest-growing demographic group.

Social sciences This section of the New Zealand curriculum website has information about the social sciences as a learning area, the learning area structure, and the achievement objectives for levels 1 to 8.

The Europeans brought with them an array of diseases to which the Maori had no resistance, and the Maori population declined rapidly. Wellington is one-fourth the size of the primary city, Auckland, which has 1.

Red deerintroduced for sport hunting, and the Australian opossums for skins have multiplied dramatically and have greatly damaged the vegetation of the high-country bush.

Foxtel Social talk Tropical species such as tunamarlinand some sharks are attracted by the warm currents, which are locally populated by snappertrevally, and kahawai. The Pacific Island region includes more than twenty-five thousand individual small islands representing twenty-five nations and territories.

Adequate rainfall and good soils provide for excellent agricultural production, which has been the traditional economic activity. New Zealand, like Australia, is in the Southern Hemisphere, which means that its seasons are expressed at the opposite times of the seasons in North America.

The Kermadecs and the subantarctic islands are inhabited only by a small number of Department of Conservation staff. The modern cities are home to a multitude of processing centers preparing the abundant agricultural products for domestic consumption and for export products.

Thereafter it was successively a crown colony, a self-governing colonyand a dominion The Maori culture thrived for hundreds of years and was well established in New Zealand before the arrival of the colonial ships from Europe.

Other Protestant sects and Maori adaptations of Christianity the Ratana and Ringatu churches account for nearly all of the rest, although more than one-third of the population does not claim any religious affiliation.

In the absence of predatory animals, New Zealand is a paradise for birdsthe most interesting of which are flightless. Other important glaciers on the eastern slopes of the Southern Alps are the Murchison, Mueller, and Godley; Fox and Franz Josef are the largest on the western slopes.

Wanted to let you know I'm moving information from our class group sandbox to the article.Geography. New Zealand encompasses two major islands stretching north and south that are separated by the Cook Strait; a third, less substantial island, Stewart Island, is located 30 km (19 miles) off the tip of the South Island across Foveaux Strait.

This book is within the scope of WikiProject New Zealand, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of New Zealand and New Zealand-related topics on Wikipedia.

If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks. Book This book does not require a rating on the project's quality scale. Physical Geography. To the east of Australia across the Tasman Sea is the country of New Zealand.

New Zealand is one of a number of sets of islands that make up Oceania, also referred to as the Pacific Islands, a region occupying the western and central Pacific Ocean.

New Zealand Rail Geography has 1, members. This group is about exploring the railways of New Zealand past and present. This is the Facebook site of. The New Zealand Geographic Group invites you to post your society, landscape and wildlife photographs shot in New Zealand territory.

The editor reviews all frames and will contact you (and pay you) if one is chosen for publication. Geography.

New Zealand

Comprised of two large islands (separated by the Cook Strait), as well as Stewart Island, hundreds of coastal islands and many regional islands, New Zealand is a country of snowcapped mountains and scenic landscapes - north to bigskyquartet.comoned along the Ring of Fire, the Southern Alps (and it's many ranges) extend through the western portions of South Island.

A discussion on the geography of new zealand
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